Exploring Rhodian Nature

Akres is a seasonal restaurant that operates from April to September. During the off-season, we employ a local agronomist who is not only university-trained but also incredibly passionate about nature. He is well-versed in the most remote areas of the island, and knows them like the back of his hand.

In addition to his expertise in identifying and recognizing wild plants, he is also an expert in locating and recognizing wild mushrooms. But his greatest talent is his ability to inspire and transfer his passion to our cooking staff. His enthusiasm for nature and wild herbs motivates our team to utilize natural products and local foods.

Together, we go on excursions into the forests, mountains, and beaches of Rhodes. During these trips, he teaches us about the nutritional values and properties of different herbs and plants. We learn about the conditions they need, when they grow, and how they can be used in our dishes.

On these trips, we gather wild plants and cook them on-site. This allows us to truly experience the local nature and flavors. We take inspiration from these experiences and incorporate the herbs and plants we discover into our menu.

Working with the agronomist has allowed us to take our commitment to local cuisine and traditional recipes to the next level. We believe that by using natural products, we can not only create delicious dishes but also contribute to sustainable living.

Our agronomist’s expertise and passion for nature have become an integral part of our restaurant’s philosophy. We are proud to work with him and learn from his knowledge and experience. We are also grateful for the opportunity to explore and celebrate the diverse plant life that grows on our island.

At Akres, we believe that incorporating wild herbs and plants into our dishes is an essential part of creating a unique and unforgettable dining experience. Our collaboration with the agronomist allows us to continue our tradition of local cuisine and traditional recipes while incorporating fresh, natural flavors that truly capture the essence of Rhodes.

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