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At AKREΣ you will encounter our love for high quality cuisine in a surrounding which boasts tasteful aesthetics.
Our passion for authenticity is combined with utmost respect for the value of hospitality and thus guarantees guests a once in a lifetime dining experience.

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At AKREΣ a postmodern cuisine presents you with an eclectic range of dishes that incorporate the values of local tradition. With an understanding for what the land’s past has to offer we look to the purity and essence of old traditional recipes for elements, which are never perceived as old-fashioned or outdated, but instead are viewed as valuable means by which connect to one’s roots. We truly believe that at the deepest of roots lie the oldest and most tested recipes. These recipes comprise the core of the modern and contemporary creations that arrive at your table and constitute the epitome of FINE LOCAL CUISINE.

Whilst maintaining the delicate balance necessary to bring together the treasures of the sea and the land, our dishes will bring back childhood memories for the locals and introduce Lindo’s magical past to its visitors.

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Lindos was once a strong naval force as well as home to Cleobulus, one of the Seven Sages of ancient Greece. The picturesque fishing village is now designated a national monument due to its Acropolis, which dominates the scenery from 116m high. Lovers of art and culture from all around the world consider it an honor to tread the alleys of this magical place and feel a part of this corner of the Dodecanese.

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Ask for a table with a view of Lindo’s breathtaking scenery.
Let us tickle your appetite with exquisite smells
travelling from our kitchen and add to your main dish
the ultimate ingredient; that of local hospitality.

Lindos, Rhodes
Phone +30 2244 031927

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