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Wine policy

No alcoholic beverages will be served to persons under the age of 18 years old.
We also reserve the right to refuse the same service to inebriated persons.
We try to serve all of our wines at peak maturity*.
Therefore on occasion, availability of specific labels and vintages may vary.
In the case of a spoiled wine*, we apologize and offer a similar choice at no extra charge.
In the case of a wine which you have chosen, but dislike, you will be charged list price with a 50% reduction.
By the glass wines are poured from bottles opened no longer than 36 hours and these bottles are pumped free of oxygen for their duration.
The wine price list appeals for 0.75l bottles, unless a different volume is described.
All the wines of the list are available for take away with discount.
*Confirmed by the Sommelier

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